“Cutting in Half Orthodontic Brace and Aligner Wear Time with Bioelectric Stimulation”

OrthodontiCell (patent pending) has the mission to reduce in half or more, the time that it takes to complete orthodontic treatment and then have the teeth become stable in their final position equally as rapidly.  This is all made possible by wearing a bioelectric stimulation mouthpiece only 3 times a week for 20 minutes.

Howard J. Leonhardt the Founder and CEO of Leonhardt Ventures and Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc., Dr. John Marchetto an Orthodontist in Weston, Florida and Dr. Jorge Genovese a collaborative researcher from Buenos Aires, Argentina are co-inventors of this product.

Gen. II Design

Driving the Science of Tooth Movement & Stabilization

Over 7 million people worldwide seek orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners to straighten their teeth. Nearly 3.5 million in the USA alone. The time for treatment can last as take as long as 18-24. This can result in unwanted side effects and a loss of motivation. What if that time could be reduced by 50 – 66%? What if at the end of treatment, stability could be reduced in a fraction of the time to avoid relapse of the teeth to their original positions?

It is time for a better alternative and the team at OrthodontiCell is here to deliver a better solution!

OrthodontiCell has developed a revolutionary technology for accelerated tooth movement and stabilization. Our platform is based on patented and patent pending precise bioelectric signals and sequences that control expression of the key proteins involved with accelerated tooth movement and acceleration. This includes RANKL, VEGF and SDF-1 for accelerated tooth movement and OPG for stabilization.

Previous studies, where RANKL and VEGF were injected, demonstrated the equivalent of reducing dental braces or aligners wearing time from 18 months down to 6 months. A 2/3rds reduction in tooth movement time! We have demonstrated in pre-clinical studies in Argentina and at the University of Utah the ability to produce the same volume of these proven tooth movement accelerating proteins with only two 20 minute stimulation sessions a week.

Previous OPG injection studies have also demonstrated the ability to stabilize teeth in their final positions with minimal retainer wear following accelerated tooth movement. Our OrthdontiCell pre-clinical studies have demonstrated we can create the same volume of this proven tooth position stabilization protein with only a few 20 minute stimulation sessions.

Research collaborators in Brazil published animal study results in 2017 demonstrating a > 30% improvement of tooth movement acceleration utilizing only one of our patented bioelectric signals, VEGF, without the RANKL signal applied. We expect to better than double these results with the RANKL signal applied based on previous RANKL injection studies and our documented protein expression results in animal studies.

A team in Korea, documented in 2008, a 30% improvement of tooth movement acceleration using an off the shelf electrical stimulator This stimulator delivered 20 micro amps applied for 5 hours a day to canine teeth in 7 female clinical patients, without attempting controlled protein expression. OrthodontiCell expects to more than double these acceleration results > 60% with precise controlled expression of RANKL, VEGF and SDF-1 and to provide for the first time tooth position stabilization with OPG controlled expression, after accelerated tooth movement.

OrthodontiCell is moving onto to advanced pre-clinical and clinical studies in 2018 and looks forward to reporting results to you soon!

Investigational use only not available for sale in the USA. All safety and efficacy claims are pending confirmation by study results not yet completed.  Product is NOT yet proven to be safe or effective.